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| 50W BOOST BALLAST *NEW* | H4 BI-XENON | 9007 / 9004 DUAL BEAM |

NEW!! Revolutionary H4 Bi-xenon conversion kit!!

NEW!! Revolutionary H4 Bi-xenon conversion kit!!

We have taken into our collection of Xenon conversion kits what we believe to be the ultimate H4 HID headlamp conversion kit. This new Bi-Xenon Hylow dualbeam H4 kit is sporting new technology and additional value and safety for you as a customer.

Traditionally with a typical H4 conversion you are trying to replace a twin filament halogen lamp with a single arc discharge burner. How does it work then? The normal result is that you have to lose your Main or High beam function. Xenonvalot.com is now offering you a solution where you have both Low beam and High beam function in a single lamp. The smart EMAS control system moves the arc by using electromagnetics to create a swift and accurate vertical movement of the light source. By using the very latest in electronics we move the arc to give you both functions in a simple single discharge burner! The burner doesn´t shut down during the switching operation and so there is no delay in lighting up which is typical to Xenon conversion kit when you change from high to low or vice versa. The kit is also genuine Xenon not a setup of xenon/halogen combined as you may have seen.

Now Xenonvalot.com is offering you what is the quickest, best and the simplest solution to convert your car/motorcycle/snowmobile to a true and reliable HID Xenon headlamp system.

PRICE: 700 EUR (€) / Kit

  • OSRAM® manufactured 4250K xenon burners.
  • Optimum light centre length for corrected optical performance
  • Lamp guidance system built inside fully encapsulated ballast.
  • Easy assembly in approx. 1 hour.
  • Plug and Play installation, you can do it yourself!
  • Optically aligned during manufacture
  • UV Cut glass for headlight protection
  • Sealed connection system for reilability and function
  • Up to 2500-3000 hours life
  • All necessary included.
  • Maximum 10A of current draw at start up makes this kit compatible with all OEM wire harnesses.
  • Bulb made especially for H4 conversion, perfect light beam pattern.
  • Also available as 9004 HB6 and 9007 HB5 dual beam bi-xenon!
  • Dual HyLow Bi-Xenon system.
  • For more information or to leave an order for a kit, contact info@xenonvalot.com
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