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| 50W BOOST BALLAST *NEW* | H4 BI-XENON | 9007 / 9004 DUAL BEAM |

The HIGH Quality Xenon HID conversion kit

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The HIGH Quality Xenon HID conversion kit

High Class car manufacturers such, as Audi, BMW and Mercedes come with Xenon/Hid lights on their cars, why not have them on your car or motorcycle?

HID Conversion Kits give off a daylight-like white beam illuminating the road ahead resulting in more confident driving in all weather conditions.
This Ultra High Efficiency Lighting Conversion System allows the new breed of head lamp system to be driven directly from DC sources with the advantage of fast start and instant restrike. Recent innovations in HID head lamp system have delivered high light outputs, quality daylight colour with substantial power savings over conventional halogen based lighting technology.

The HID conversion kit can be retrofitted for almost any vehicle that uses H-series - ie. H1 , H3(short HID bulb),H4,H7 or a 9000 series halogen bulb -ie. 9004 / 9005 (HB3) / 9006 (HB4) / 9007(HB5) as its low beams. All of our kits are beam pattern corrected for easy direct bolt-on installation with NO MODIFICATIONS required to the cables or fittings. Everything except the bulbs stays original. This means both Halogens and HIDs can be interchangeable and so all you have to do is only mount the ballasts and plug the bulbs in. It takes only about half an hour to exchange back to halogen. This may be necessary because off the fact that in some countries it may be difficult or impossible to have a car yearly inspected by because of the technical demands (washers, automatic leveling) when using HID lighting technology.

Available for converting following original halogen applications to HID applications:

H3 (short HID bulb)
H4 (low beam only)
(both HI and LO beam in one burner)

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HB3 (9005)
HB4 (9006)
HB5 (9007)

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Our goal is to deliver the best in lighting technology to high performance automotive enthusiasts who know what they want and need. By offering direct plug-in HID components, irreversible headlamp housing modifications are no longer needed. With precision engineering and reliability, these high quality HID kits are a winner at a very reasonable price.

:: Features ::

The kit introduces a new line of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting applications. This line of products leverages the many attributes of the new micro discharge lighting technology. Extremely durable and vibration resistant i.e. no filament to break. Runs much cooler than halogen and saves your precious headlights from extra strain created by heat.

Halogen filament:

Xenon plasma light arc:

:: What is Xenon Light?

The xenon bulbs supplied with the HID kit are micro-discharge bulbs filled with a mixture of primarily xenon gas and other inert gases, creating a superior, bright, white light so close to Sunlight that it looks blue. This special bulb has no filament like a halogen bulb, but the light is created between the two electrodes in a xenon bulb and is like none other.

This high precision HID system places the bulb in the exact correct position inside the headlamp. No mounting rings or loose parts are used to fit the bulb as they may bring problems. These loose fittings have created alignment problems in the first generation kits.

At first you might think this is not dramatically important but it is very important due to a fact that only a small portion of the overall bulb emits the light. All systems are as mentioned earlier "bulb beam corrected".

:: More light output?

A 35 watt HID lamp produces up to 3 times=300% of the lumens at the light source when compared to a conventional standard 55 watt Halogen lamp.

Normal halogen bulb:

Xenon conversion kit:

:: Whiter Light and Greater Driver Comfort?

Good visibility contributes to driver confidence which promotes relaxed, safer driving. Drivers can benefit from fitting HID Conversion Kits in their vehicles, since the white light stimulates driver concentration and makes night time driving less tiring. In addition, the HID system also delivers a marked contribution to road safety in the event of limited visibility due to weather (rain, snowfall) conditions. This is a must for safer driving.

:: Why was Xenon Light developed?

At least 60% of all traffic accidents take place in poorly lit conditions. And the older the driver, the more light required for seeing better during night driving. Brighter lighting by xenon light means most importantly, better road safety and less strain on the eyes.

:: Greater Visibility and Road Safety

While driving at night, there is nothing more important than being able to see where one is going. HID lights help in overcoming severe driving conditions by providing between two to three times more light than halogen lamps. This higher light output is put to very good use, improving both light intensity and light distribution on the road, thereby widening the field of vision for earlier recognition of people and objects. An additional benefit is that the brilliant white light is reflected much better by road markings and signs which makes for more confident driving in bad weather conditions and at night. The difference you can se below.

:: Lower Power Consumption

A 55 watt Halogen lamp draws a constant 10 Amps, while an HID lamp in steady state draws in 3-4 Amps (50-60% less power). As a result of lower power consumption, less heat is dissipated by the HID lighting systems and more power from the engine. Additionally, you will be doing your part for the environment: less power consuption means less waste.
An HID lamp will last four to five times as long as a halogen lamp. The lamp will have a life of at least 2,000 Hrs. For most people, this translates into the life of the vehicle and probably the life of the next vehicle as well.

:: One kit contains:

  • 2 High-Quality (GE SOLAM PHILIPS) Xenon HID Capsules
  • 2 Hella / Philips ballasts / Ignitors
  • 2 Wiring Looms
  • Cable Ties
  • 2 polarity converters
  • 2 Spare Fuses (20A)
  • Installation Instructions (English)

  • :: Installation 1-2-3:

    Easy installation in general goes like 1-2-3-done as described below.

    Step 1: After disconnecting power to the two headlamps and after removing the bulb access covers of the low beam, high beam or both bulb access covers, drill a small hole in the removed cover. The HID-Xenon bulb wire is passed through this hole for your headlamp upgrade. On the wire is a supplied adjustable tight rubber waterproof grommet to be fitted into the hole. Next, the HID-Xenon D2S/R bulb is fitted into the headlamp's base and locked into position via the factory locking device. No cutting of wiring is required on the installation.

    Step 2: Reinstall the access panel and close it. Secure the small ballast to a convenient location in the motorbay.

    Step 3: Finally attach power to the headlamp in the normal manner and the upgrade is completed. Headlamp realignment is recommended but only required if you have removed the headlamp during the upgrade which sometimes can be avoided (model and side dependant).

    It takes about 1-2hours to complete the installation. No special tools are required. Normal handtools only.

    BONUS: Each upgrade kit is easily reversible or transferable! When you decide to sell your car , it will only take a few moments to reverse the installation and re-install your original halogen bulbs as they were before. You can either sell the HID upgrade system or re-install it on your next car with same or different bulb setup. All you need to do is seal the small hole on the bulb access cover and you are done.

    Comparison with Halogen


      Comparison between retrofit HID System and Conventional Normal Halogen Lamps


     Comparison Chart


      Halogen (H1)

      Xenon HID (H1)

      Low Beam



      Wattage (W)



      Lumens (Lm)



      Efficiency (lm/W)
      Light source only



      Color Temperature (K)



      Irradiation Color

      Creamy White


      Life Expectancy

      400 hrs

      >2,000 hrs


     Halogen beam pattern 


     Xenon Light beam pattern 

    Candela (cd)

    The international unit (SI) of luminous intensity. The term has been in use since the early days of lighting when a standard candle of a fixed size and composition was used as a basis for evaluating the intensity of other light sources. This unit is used in measuring headlight output; basically the higher the number is, the brighter the light is.

    Lumen (lm)

    The international unit (SI) of luminous flux (quality of lights). For example, a dinner candle produces about 12 lumens and a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb produces 830 lumens. The higher the number is, the brighter the light is.

    Kelvin (K)

    A basic unit of thermodynamic temperature (color temperature) used to measure the whiteness of the light output. The higher the number is, the whiter the light is. When over 5000K the light begins to turn to blue as daylight.

    Please mind local law and regulations regarding xenon-upgrade kits. Xenonvalot.com cannot be held responsible for the misuse of our products.

    Please contact us and find out more about our products and services info@xenonvalot.com

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